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A Busty Chicks Awesome Day | twizted77 | 3


As a walked towards the front of the bus, with fresh cum running down my thighs, I could see the eyes of the bus driver watching me in the mirror. Behind him the middle aged bald man was half turned in his seat, his face now beet red. I settled into the seat next to him and he gaped at me.

"Did youu enjoy the show?" I asked. I could see the buldge in his pants.

"I-I am a married man," he said nervously. I reached out and touched the swollen cock clearly visible through his pants. " daughter is your age."

I unstrapped the waist of his pants and reached inside. He jumped when I pulled his cock out. It was small, but I guess even guys with small cocks need love too. I leaned down and took him into my mouth. The protesting was over. As I started sucking his cock I felt his hand slide down my back and pull up the hem of my skirt. His fingers worked their way down the crack of my ass. Suddenly this dirty old man was fingering my asshole. I raised my head and kissed him on his lips.

"Do you want to stick it in my ass?" I asked and he just nodded. "Does momma not let you put it in her's?" He shook his head.

I stood up and turned my back to him. I sat down in his la, carefully guiding him into my asshole. After the twins I barely felt it, but I could tell that he did, because his body stiffened and after only three bounces I felt him cumming in my ass.

With the bald man's cock going soft in my ass I looked up at the mirror again. The driver was red faced and sweating. I popped my boobs out of my top and I thought he was going to wreck the bus.

Oh my God this is sooo much fun.


What can I do next?


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