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As the other two left, Mallory got to her feet and walked into the nurse's office. I slipped in just before she pushed the door to. She started unbuttoning her shirt, and I felt my cock rising to attention. She got to the last button and let the shirt fall open. Beneath she had on a simple, non-sexy white bra. She drapped her shirt across the back of a chair and then unsnapped the bra. It was very sexy to watch this normally reserved girl undressing. It was strange to see that at school, but then again I really didn't know why she was here.

Finally she stripped off her jeans and stood there in white grannie panties. She bent over to get a blanket from a cabinet and I slid my cock out of my pants. Mallory climbed onto the exam table and covered herself with the blanket. A second later the nurse entered.

"Sorry about that, too much coffee this morning," Nurse Miller said politely. "Are you here for your breast exam?"

"Yes ma'am," Mallory said.

Nurse Miller put on a pair of glasses and gentely rolled the blanket back. She carefully felt of one boob and then the other. The cold had Mallory's nipples rock hard, and the exam had my cock the same way. I started stroking. She pulled the blanket all the way back as if giving Mallory a quick once over.

"Whats this?" she asked. One hand went down to the girl's waist. She touched the edge of Mallory's panties, and then suddenly plundged two fingers into her pussy. Mallory jumped so hard that her entired body rose up off the table. But she was smiling. "I thought you said we couldn't do this here anymore."

"I couldn't wait until....the weekend," Mallory moaned.

Nurse miller slid her fingers out and licked them. Then she slid them into Mallory's mouth. She sucked them lick she was sucking a cock. With her other hand she peeled the girl's panties away, revealing a wild blonde bush.

"Now eat my pussy," Mallory ordered. I had never heard her sound so forceful.

Nurse Miller obidiently position herself between Mallory's legs and started eatting her pussy. The younger woman started playing with her own nipples. Nurse Miller unfastened her pants and let them fall to the floor. Underneath shw eas wearing a lacy yellow thong. As she eat the girl's pussy she shoved a hand down her panties and started rubbing her own clit.

"Oh yeah, Martha," Mallory moaned.

I had my own cock in my hand and was getting close.


What do I do?


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