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Invisible | twizted77 | 2


Invisible again, I slipped out of the room and crept down the hall to my parents room. If anyone knew how to handle this it would be the two of them. Their door was slightly ajar and I could see a faint flicker or light. Figuring that they were watching some late night television, I pushed the door open and stepped quietly inside. Thats when I got the suprise of my life.

My mother was on her knees on the bed, naked with her ass in the air. I have NEVER looked at my mother in a sexual way, but when you see an attractive thirty-eight year old woman in that position, its hard not to look. My mother is 5'5'' with blonde hair. Standing there at the door to their room I could tell you that she did not have a blonde pussy. She had a shaved pussy. The thought of my mother shaving down there suddenly had me feeling wierd. I was getting hard.

When I fook my eyes away from my mother's pussy, I saw that my father's hands and feet were handcuffed to the bed. Mom was sucking his cock very aggressively, more like what I'd seen in a porn than what I'd experienced with the two girls I had been with up to that point. As she slid up and down his cock I realized that my father was hung. Maybe not a twelve inch cock, but its girth was huge.

I knew I couldn't just stand there, but my feet were frozen. I was confused.


Whats next?

          Move in closer

          Head Back to Bed


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