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Invisible | twizted77 | 2


Finally I thought that I should tell my sister, Stephanie. We faught like brother and sister, but we always looked out for each other. I made myself invisible again and crept out of my bedroom. The house was dark and quiet. I moved down the hall and up to her door. I reached out to knock, then realized, why should I bother to knock, I was invisible. I turned the knob and stepped into her darkened room.

I could hear her talking, and realized that she must be on the phone. I moved quietly towards the sound of her voice, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the darkness.

"Oh Tony," she breathed. Then I could see her. My sister lay spread eagle, naked in her bed with two fingers shoved into her pussy. I stared, taken aback. Steph was a beautiful girl, but I'd never seen her like this. She was 5'2'' with c-cup boobs and long straight black hair that at the moment was flowing down around her shoulders like a mane. For the first time I also saw that she had a full, black bush. She pulled her fingers out of her and stuck them in her mouth.

I've never, EVER thought of my sister that way, but as I stood there I felt myself getting hard. Maybe she was giving off some kind of teenage pheremones or something.

She stuck the fingers back inside herself and started to fuck her pussy with them.

"Oh yeah, Tony, fuck me harder!" she said.


How do I handle this situation?

          Head Back to Bed

          Go talk to my best friend, Jake


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