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Invisible | twizted77 | 1


After nearly an hour of staring at my lack of a reflection in the mirror, I thought about being visible, and there I was again. It was amazing. I still can't explain how I came about this ability, there was no meteor or radioactive spider, tonight I could just...make myself invisible. I sat there, naked on my bed for the longest time, and the implications began to set it. That meant I could do pretty much whatever I wanted. I mean, how many guys haven't imagined strolling through the girls locker room because they were invisible? I realized right then and there that it was a distinct possibility that when I got to school tomorrow that I would do that. I smiled to myself.

But I also had the sudden desire to tell someone. It had to be someone I trusted though. I thought hard, but my options were limited.


Who should I tell?

          My sister

          My Parents

          My Best Friend, Jake

          Head Back to Bed


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