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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 18


Sarah walked down the corridor to the office. It was a small room, probably only meant for two or three people. The door had a small glass window in the upper part, which had been broken out some time ago. Sarah tried the handle and found the door opened easily so she went inside. In the middle of the room were two light brown wood desks, atop the one furthest from her was a computer. She guessed that it was broken. Against the left hand wall were two filing cabinets one of, which had had it's drawers smashed in. Against the right wall was a wide low wooden cabinet, above it was a faded picture of a naked woman. On Sarah's right side was an empty supply cabinet with a glass front. The opposite side of the room, had a strip of glass windows allowing her to see Cooper in the storage room.

Sarah heard Jack's voice crackle over the radio. "Has everyone secured their areas?" He asked.

One by one Prendell, Pembleton and Cooper answered him. Sarah stood there in silence before she realized that she was also required to answer him.

"My area's secure," Sarah answered.

"Thanks, Sarah," Jack replied. She was sure she could hear Prendell laughing in the background as Jack spoke.

"Lieto and his men should be here in about five minutes. Everyone keep out of sight. We are to take out each of his men before taking on Lieto himself," Jack told them, Sarah guessed that was more for her benefit than anyone else.

Sarah moved around to the other side of the room and ducked behind the desk. She withdrew the gun from its holster, it seemed so heavy in her hands. She felt it nearly slip from her hand, as she had begun to sweat slightly due to nerves. Sarah tried to calm herself, as only minutes from now this was going to get serious.

Sarah was crouched in the small office, her back pressed up against a desk. She held the Desert Eagle tightly in one hand, her hands were clammy as she was nervous. From the position she was in Sarah couldn't see the door. Suddenly, she thought it would be a better idea to get into a position that allowed her to see the corridor. She turned quickly so that she was facing the desk, Sarah ducked her head underneath it above her to her right was the computer. She saw the monitor had been smashed in, and she could see some of the circuitry inside it.

Over the radio she heard the agents radio in their positions to Jack. Prendell had hidden himself behind some crates on the left side lower storage room, where he had a good view of the door and the surrounding area. Cooper was near some crates on the upper right side of the upper storage room, he had told Jack that he could see both of the two doors from the corridors, which opened into the room he was in. Pembleton had taken up a sniper position, somewhere on the walkways connecting the two main rooms. She had said that she could get a shot off at anyone inside the building. Jack had moved into a position somewhat opposite to where Prendell was.

Sarah reached around and pressed the button on her radio. "I'm behind a desk in the office on the upper left side," She told them. Sarah considered that she hadn't chosen the most tactical of places to hide out, but she guessed no one was going to complain as she figured she was in a position where she would hopefully be relatively safe.

"Ok folks, maintain radio silence unless required," Jack said before everything went quiet.

She stayed there and waited, it seemed like ages before anything happened. Then in the distance Sarah heard the large metal doors of the lower storage room scraping against the floor. She knew that it was Lieto and his men entering the building.


What happens next?



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