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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 16


Jack picked up a thin, black briefcase and placed it on top of the crates. He opened it up, revealing a laptop computer to Sarah. She watched as he pushed a button on the front, causing it to spring to life. Jack clicked on something which brought up what looked like blueprints for a building. Sarah came over beside him and looked at the map.

"This is a plan for the building Vincennes' deal is taking place in. It's an abandoned storage facility," Jack explained.

Sarah studied the map in detail. The building was square shaped and had two floors. The map only showed the first floor. The first floor was divided into several sections and contained two main storage rooms, which had corridors on both sides. In the top left was an office and on the opposite side was the washroom. The map also showed a janitor's closet. There were three sets of doors two for each of the storage rooms and a third smaller exit.

"So what do you want me to do Jack?" Sarah asked.

"You and Cooper are going to secure the upper storage room. Pendrell and myself are going to be securing the bottom storage room and Pembleton is going to be doing surveillance on the second floor," Jack explained.

"Which room is the deal taking place in?" Sarah questioned.

"The deal should be taking place in the bottom storage room. Lieto will have several men with him. We're going to try and arrest him before the deal takes place. Our objective is to take Lieto alive, as he's vital to taking down Vincennes," Jack continued to explain.

"Do I get any equipment?" Sarah asked.

"We're going to issue you a handgun, a bulletproof vest and a radio. Have you ever handled a gun before Sarah?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, I've used a gun before," She answered.

She hadn't used a gun in several years but she still remembered the basics. When Sarah had been younger her uncle had often taken her hunting, so she had a little experience with some weaponry. Although she'd fired a gun several times before Sarah had never actually killed any animals, but taking a human life was something different.

"Lethal force is authorized, but I don't expect you to have to kill anyone Sarah. An injury is normally enough to stop most people in their tracks. Pendrell will issue you with whatever you need," Jack told her.

Sarah went over to Pendrell who had several large boxes on top of some damaged crates. He looked her up and down with a look of disdain. Sarah disregarded his actions, although a little nervous she was confident in her abilities.

"I need a vest, a gun and a radio," Sarah informed him.

"Fine, whatever," Pendrell replied.

He reached into one of the boxes and pulled out a vest and handed it to Sarah. She turned it over in her hands trying to work out the best way to put it on. After a minute she pulled it on over the top of her top, and realized it was heavier than it had originally seemed.

"That should stop almost anything," Pendrell told her. He reached into a different box and took out a Desert Eagle, along with a shoulder holster. Sarah took it from him and strapped the holster up and placed the gun in it. Pendrell handed her a spare clip. Sarah took it and pocketed it.

"Twelve rounds. I doubt you'll need the spare," He said informatively.

Finally he took out the radio and passed it to Sarah. It was a small receiver attached to a long wire and earpiece. Sarah tucked the receiver into the back of her pants, and threaded the wire so it was under her top and vest and came out the top where she put it firmly into her right ear. She saw that Pendrell was smiling as he watched her putting the equipment on.

"The radio reception should be crystal clear but they haven't got a wide transmission range. That shouldn't be a problem as we will all be within proximity of each other. There is a button on the receiver so you can speak over the frequency we're using, you can also adjust the frequency but you shouldn't need to. The earpiece doubles as a microphone," Pendrell explained. It was quite obvious to Sarah that Pendrell enjoyed this part of his job explaining how it all works.

"Thanks," Sarah said smiling at him.

"Okay people, we've got half an hour before Lieto and his men are due to arrive. We need to get into position. Make sure you're all ready and prepared for action," Jack called out.

They convened around the crates where Jack had shown her the map. Sarah saw that everyone had guns concealed under their suit jackets. Pembleton was also holding what appeared to be a sniper rifle. She noticed no one was openly wearing a bulletproof vest except her.

"You all know you're positions. Sarah and Cooper you're together. Pendrell you're with me and Pembleton is doing recon and providing back-up fire if needed," Jack told them.

Sarah went over and approached Cooper, she noticed that he seemed a little nervous. He looked up at her and a wide grin crossed his face.

"You ready?" He asked.

"Yeah, I think so."

The five of them headed out of the warehouse, with Jack taking point, Sarah followed behind Cooper. The storage facility was a few minutes walk from their location. Jack lead them round to the small side door, which was on the right hand side of the building. They all entered except Sarah. She stood there for a moment, thing about the possibilities that were about unfold in front of her. She took a deep breath and crossed the threshold of the doorway.


What awaits them inside?

          Securing Positions


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