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A Different World | ZombieToph | 1


Year: 2026 CE (Common Era)

The white-coat laboratory technician barely spoke a word as she strapped you down into a pod shaped sleeping unit, apparently designed to hold your body in perfect stasis for up to one full year.

At least, that's what the techs told you. You almost don't care, when the military came to you and offered you a way off the streets you didn't hesitate - you and your daughter have lived off the scraps of the big corporations and petty elite for far too long.

Anise... She's only just had her fifth birthday but they promised to place her with a temporary foster-family for the year, after which the military would revive you and pay you an incredible amount of money; enough even to allow you to buy a home and comfortably live out the rest of your years.

"Are you ready, Mr. ," asked the lab tech, holding a long needle.

You nod.

In a moment your world slips to black, each sense peacefully pulling away from you until all you feel is an empty nothing before you lose the trail of your consciousness and succumb to the darkness of restful eternity...


What happens next?

          Note: Outline of Future(s)

          Year: 2040 SE


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