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A Mother with Extra | ZombieToph | 3


"Fuck, what the hell's wrong with me," you swear, pulling your hand away from your throbbing penis. You sigh, setting the table for your kids as you hear them stomping down the stairs.

Quickly shoving your protruding arousal back inside your robe, you sit down hastily just as Allen and Rachel skid around the corner - you can't bring yourself to look at Allen, so you look to greet Rachel first and your cheeks flush.

For reasons best known only to her, Rachel has decided that she doesn't need to wear pajama bottoms to the table - she smiled at you, only wearing a cute teddy-bear shirt and blue panties. You can see she also isn't wearing a bra.

"Good morning Rachel, Allen," you say, trying to contain your embarrassment at catching yourself checking out your daughter. "Sleep well?"

They mumble back the usual responses, digging wolfishly into their cereal. As she becomes more absorbed in inhaling her breakfast, you sheepishly look at Rachel as you've never done so before; she's always been a petite girl, but proud of her smallness, which somehow generated a kind of cute sexiness about her. You can't help but stare at her perky little breasts, how you can almost see those pink nipples...

"Hey mom," Rachel speaks up suddenly, ripping you back to reality. "Hey, are you cold?"

She's staring right at your breasts, your nipples are hard! Hastily you cross your arms over your chest, unintentionally pulling your robe a bit and causing your large penis to spill out beneath the table!

Which is a problem because the table is a glass top and very see-through.


Do they see? Do you run?




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