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A Mother with Extra | ZombieToph | 2


As much as you'd like to spend the next hour or two messing around with yourself, you really should get out of bed and start breakfast for your kids, Rachel and Allen. Born fraternal twins, they have just celebrated their eighteenth birthdays about a month ago.

"Oh darn it," you swear, unable to get your erection to go down as you put your robe on. Fifteen inches is awful difficult to hide, and you were just about to give in to yourself and work off your steam, when a sharp knock came from your door!

"Mom," called the voice of Rachel, groggily. "Mom... are you up? I just saw Dad leave, can you make us hot cereal today, please?"

"Sure honey," you shout back, relieved to hear her walk away. Once again annoyed at your obvious, stubborn arousal, you find a pair of your panties and pull them on, flattening your penis against your stomach.

Your children have never been told of your 'extra-package'; obviously to tell them that would not only be highly disturbing for both you and them, there really wasn't a reason for them to know. In fact, the only people other than your parents who know about it are your husband and his friend Alexis from work, whom you've occasionally had threesomes with.

A few minutes later, your erection slowly, finally dying down under the pink robe, you're just about to walk downstairs when you hear a soft moan coming from your son's room.

You hesitate, but curiosity got the better of you and you slowly, carefully cracked his door ajar.

It took all your willpower to hold in the gasp that almost escaped your lips.

There on his bed, leaning almost upside-down against the wall, completely naked, is your son (who has always been a bit of the flexible sort), head bobbing up and down furiously, vigorously on his own erect cock while pounding his butthole with a shiny, penis-molded dildo!

You're frozen still, in witness of your son's debauchery, gripping the door for support. Allen begins to speed up the thrusting of the dildo, going shockingly deep inside himself, before cumming powerfully over his own face, moaning in ecstasy, "Mom... Oh god, Mom..."

You can feel your heart clench in surprise and fear - you quickly walk away, down the stairs and into the kitchen, face beat red.

Allen, your son Allen, was just fantasizing about you while giving himself a blowjob and anal. Could it just be a coincidence he was doing that? Does he know that you have a penis? Is that just how he gets off?

You can't say. You're not even sure if you really want to be certain of the answer. You absentmindedly begin making up the cereal for Rachel and Allen, mind dwelling on what you just saw.

Despite your fear, your feelings of disgust and horror, you can't help but deny one simple fact: watching Allen do those things to himself, and especially hearing who he was thinking of, made you very horny again... as evidenced by the tip of your penis peeking out of the seam of your robe.

"God, what am I thinking," you ask yourself, disgusted. How could you be turned on by your son? He was so ready to have cum all over his face... you look at the cereal you've been cooking, almost ready to be served for breakfast... You wonder... how would he like to have cum all over his tongue?


So very horny...

          Control yourself!

          Can't resist!

          Record him with smartphone


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