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A Mother with Extra | ZombieToph | 1


You hear a little pained moan as your eyes slowly open to the new day's sun - slowly pushing his naked body off the bed is your husband of nineteen years, James .

"Bit late for work, huh," you ask playfully, smirking at him.

He sighed, but tiredly smiled back, "Yeah, well... you kept me up so late! Its really your fault . God, even with all the lube we used it hurts like a bitch!"

You giggle at his discomfort, pulling your sheets down to show off your proudly erect fifteen inch long penis, "Mmm, you know... you could call out today. Think about all the fun we could have..."

He shakes his head in exasperation, "..."

"One for the road," you beg seductively, slowly stroking yourself. "C'mon babe..."

Fully dressed, James sighed and climbed back onto the bed, refusing to take his work clothes off, but instead wrapping his lips around your large cockhead. Over the years he had become quite good at giving you nice, long blowjobs, but after allowing you to indulge for a few minutes he worked his fingers into your vagina, forcing you to blow your morning load much sooner that you'd have liked!

"Cheater...," you mumbled, watching him swallow your sperm and wipe off the lines on his face with the blanket.

He leaned over and kissed you goodbye, "Have a good day sweetie!"

Well, you now have a full two hours before you need to wake the kids up for their first day as seniors in high school... and you're still horny as hell.


What do you do next?

          Motherly Responsibilities...

          Masturbate in shower


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