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A Clever Gnome | ZombieToph | 2



As the smoke clears you leap for joy, it worked!

Staring delightedly at the full-body mirror in front of you - you take a moment to admire how perfectly your machine morphed your features. You look like a gnomish pornstar (in your under educated opinion) - any man shouldn't be able to resist!

"Now to test its durability," you say aloud, once again delighting in hearing your slightly higher, more feminine voice.

Facing your nude body towards the greater expanse of your workshop, you consider several sex-toys and sex-machines...

The SuperElectronicMegaDildo: a four inch thick, one foot long dildo capable of extreme vibration, extreme 'fucking' speeds, and extreme 'twister fucking' mode.

The Pulverizer: a massive, five inch think, three foot long dildo capable of "Knock Out Tauren" speed and includes a "Endless Ejaculation" feature.

The BangHoleBang: a 'gangbang' machine designed for face-fuck, ass-fuck and penis-stimulation. Face dildo is two inches thick, five inches long. Ass dildo is three inches think, seven inches long. Penis-stimulation device to be converted to three inches thick, thirteen inches long.

"Hmm...," you ponder, allowing your female-arousal to drip down your short legs. "What to choose...?"


How will you test your limits?


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