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A Clever Gnome | ZombieToph | 1



Finally, after years of rejection, humiliation, and even occasionally being punted by uncouth Tauren, you've made it!

The Femaleizationator!

Ever since you decided to admit your own homosexuality your fellow Gnomes have looked down upon you and your various sex-toy inventions as 'unnatural' and 'tainted'. Seriously, no man that would try the Pulverizer or BangHoleBang Machines would regret it!

Not that anyone other than yourself had tried them.

So, due to years of unrequited sexual desires, you've decide that you'd had enough of rejection - you would experience sexual intercourse!

With the Femaleizationator you'd be able to temporarily transform your body into that of a Gnome female, completely disguising your true male appearance.

"Now to finally field test this baby," you squeak excitedly, strapping yourself in. Gears being spinning, electricity starts humming, sparks keep sparking...



Does it work?



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