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18-Year Old Bitch | dkburrows | 10


Jessica continued to hesitate, moving slowly back toward the counter.

"Look, you want to get paid you need to be willing to do this stuff? I'd have thought a slut like you was getting plowed all the time."

"Well yeah, but..." she turned, climbing onto the counter, mentally adding that it was usually to get something she wanted. Well, that or the guys fooled her, but she wasn't that easily fooled. Really.

"Alright, boys, get going," Abe said. The others didn't really need any prompting; Bob jerked upwards, going from a flat plain beneath her to a giant hill as he arched his body up.

Jill yelped at the sudden movement and the crotch smacking up into hers, while Bob said, "Is it in yet?"

"Mmmph!" was Jessica's outraged response. If Jared hadn't stuffed his rather ordinary cock through her lips she might have retorted along the same lines.

"I could've sworn I got it..." Bob said, and Jessica used her athleticism to slam herself down, collapsing the arched back of Bob back into the table and mashing her pubic mound into his, knocking some of his breath away.

Behind her Abe smirked at their actions, then reached for some of the store's sex lube. No sense in damaging the merchandise just yet. He'd just get her good and prepared for some anal gapes later in her career.

"Alright, here I come, Jessica. Relax, it'll be alright. I've put on a bunch of lube. Here's some for your hole," he said, and jammed the nozzle of the bottle against her butthole, squeezing a jet of the clear liquid into her depths.

Jessica squealed, wanting to yell, "Wait! I'm allergic to lube!" but with her mouth stuffed she couldn't say a thing. She might also have reminded him that she was allergic to latex, but she'd long-missed the boat on that one.

"Let's see if this ass is as fine as it looks," Abe said, and put his cockhead up against her backdoor. When Jessica thrust her hands back to stop him from entering her swelling orifice he grabbed the hands and used them for leverage. "That's it, help me get in..."


But can he? Or has she become too tight, even with all her past experience?

          With much lube comes much entry.


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