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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 15


Sarah headed outside, locking her house up as she left. Once outside she climbed into her car and glanced at the directions. It was a numbered warehouse in the industrial district of town. She turned the car and the engine sprung into life. Sarah made it over there in about fifteen minutes, the morning traffic was fairly dense. She parked her car around the side of the warehouse so it was out of sight. The warehouse was a big, old grey building with a set of closed doors by one side. Sarah got out of her car, slipping her keys into her pocket as she walked over to the building.

She carefully opened the door and quickly stepped inside shutting it quietly behind her. The warehouse was dimly lit but was quite spacious. In the middle of the room were a few crates, and standing by them were Jack and another agent. Sarah spotted a third agent heading over to her. He looked to be in his early twenties and was about six feet tall with short black hair. He was quite thin but looked well built.

“I’m guessing you’re Sarah,” the agent said.

“Yeah. How did you know?” she asked.

“Turner rang awhile ago and said you would be coming here,” he explained.

“Oh right,” Sarah replied.

“I’m Dale Cooper. Don’t worry you’ve got clearance. I’ll take you over to the others,” he told her.

Dale led her over to Jack and the other agent. Jack's face grew into a smile as she approached. Sarah returned his glance and for the moment had an image of Jack fucking her in the ass again. She let out a little gasp as the thought distracted her. She looked over at the other agent, he was about thirty, a little overweight and had coppery red shoulder length hair. He was clutching a handgun in one hand and had a rather concerned look on his face.

“Glad you could join us Sarah,” Jack said.

He pointed to the older agent. “This is Agent Pendrell, he’s in charge of our equipment. You’ve already met Dale he’s not part of the CIA, he’s our liaison with the FBI’s local branch of their narcotics division. Upstairs somewhere is Agent Pembleton doing some recon,” Jack said.

Sarah noticed that all of them were wearing identical dark black suits and white shirts, with matching black ties. From over at one corner of the warehouse she heard something clunking against metal. Sarah turned to face whatever it was trying to sate her curiosity. She saw a young woman dressed in a dark suit similar to what the others were wearing. She looked to be in her mid twenties, and had long ash blonde hair with dark brown eyes. The woman who Sarah guessed must be Pembleton decended a set of stairs and came over to the group. Pembleton turned to address Jack.

“The area’s all clear Agent Anderson,” she told him.

“Thanks Pembleton,” as he was answering Jack’s phone went off in his pocket. He walked away from the group and took it from his pocket. Sarah couldn’t make out what was being said exactly, but the tone of Jack’s voice made him sound quite concerned. Jack ended the conversation and came back to Sarah and the agents.

“We’ve got a problem as Colquitt is unable to make it. So we’re a man short,” Jack explained.

Jack turned his gaze to Sarah, with a pleading look in his eyes.

“I know this is completely unorthodox and against all regulations. But, I trust her. Would you be willing to help us in the operation Sarah?” Jack asked.

Sarah was shocked. Coming here to look at some information was one thing but actually taking part in the sting operation was another. She felt scared but also exhilarated at the same time, her previous missions had given her a slight lust for more danger.

Sarah felt an overwhelming urge to answer Jack as quickly as she could.

“Sure Jack, I’d love to help in any way that I can.” Sarah blurted out.

The first person to respond was Pembleton, she said something under her breath. Sarah wasn't sure, but she thought it sounded like a sarcastic, "I am sure you'd love to help."

Pendrell interjected next, “Agent Anderson, I have to protest although Miss Banks has helped with previous operations she is still just a civilian."

Sarah guessed that Pendrell was a by-the-book type. Sarah realized that this was different from the other operations she had done for the CIA, but she knew the risks.

“I have every faith in Sarah’s abilities,” Jack retorted.

“Thanks, Jack,” Sarah replied.

“I’ll go over the operation with you.” Jack told her.


What is the operation?

          Take Lieto alive.


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