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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 14


The sun broke through the curtains of Sarah’s bedroom. She slowly woke from her blissful sleep. She opened her eyes adjusting to the morning sun. She was a little confused, wondering how she had gotten to her bedroom, when she remembered falling asleep on the couch after Jack fucked her in the ass. She looked over to the other side of the bed to find that she was alone. Sarah was a little disappointed that he hadn’t spent the night. She was fully awake now and could feel that she was a little sore from the previous night’s lengthy fucking. On her bedside she noticed a piece of paper folded in half with her name on it. She grabbed it from the small cabinet and started to read it.

‘Sarah, thanks for a wonderful night and thanks again for the help with the operation.’

At the bottom she saw that there was a telephone number. She realized it was Jack’s and guessed it might be home number. Sarah smiled remembering what she and Jack had done the night before. Eventually Sarah got up and had a shower. She dressed in a pair of tight fitting blue slacks and a figure hugging low cut white top. She didn’t bother with any bra and panties. Sarah wandered into her kitchen and made herself some breakfast. She saw that her clothes were still where she had left them last night. She sat down with a bowl of cereal and started to watch some morning television. Sarah wondered what to do today, as she didn’t have anything planned. She had some college work to do, but nothing that required her urgent attention just yet. Sarah finished off her cereal and took the bowl back into the kitchen as the phone went off. She wondered who it could be as she walked over and picked it up.

“Hello? Sarah speaking,” Sarah said into the receiver.

“Hello Sarah, this is Turner,” The person at the other end replied.

“Hi, Agent Turner. How are you today?” Sarah asked.

“I’m very good Sarah. How are you?” He spoke.

“I’m fine. So, how can I help you?” asked Sarah.

“There are some things we need clearing up with the information you acquired. The sting is taking place today, and I was wondering if you could meet Jack at his location,” he explained.

“Sure, I didn’t have anything planned and I would be glad to help,” Sarah told him.

“Thanks Sarah, you really are a nice girl. I’ll give you some directions.”

Sarah wrote down Turner’s directions, then hung up the phone. She knew it was a nice day outside so she didn’t bother with a jacket. She quickly cleared things up in her house and noticed that there were some questionable stains on the sofa. Sarah grabbed her car keys and was about to head out the door when the sudden urge to call Jack came over her. She closed the door and returned to the piece of paper which Jack had wrote his number. She looked at the number hesitantly, she wasn’t sure if she should call or if she should just go to the location.


What does Sarah do?

          Sarah goes to the warehouse


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