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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 13


Jack moved his fingers down to play with Sarah’s tight, little rosebud anus. She remained on top of him, his hard dick still inside her. Jack spread Sarah’s ass cheeks and a dirty idea entered his head. He coated one of his fingers with Sarah’s cum then started to rub it into the young girl’s asshole. She moaned but made no attempt to stop him. Jack lubed up Sarah’s ass with her juices and started to probe her anus. Sarah let out a low moan as she felt Jack’s fingers invading her ass.

“Do you want to fuck me up the ass?” Sarah asked him.

“I’d love to Sarah,” Jack replied.

“I’ve never had anal sex, so please be gentle with me.” Sarah told him.

Sarah lifted herself up, off Jack’s dick, which glistened with her pussy juices. She crawled onto the sofa and bent over the far arm rest. She spread her legs exposing her wet puckered anus to Jack. He moved around and got behind her, then started to rub the head of his dick against her waiting anus. She shuddered with pleasure as Jack started to slowly ease his dick into her ass. She moaned feeling her ass expanding to allow Jack further access to her tightest hole. Jack slowly pushed his dick further into her butt. He only stopped when his big dick was buried inside her. He allowed her a moment to adjust to having his dick in her ass. Sarah moaned, the sensation of having a cock up her ass was heavenly.

Jack pulled completely out of Sarah’s ass, then forced his dick back inside her. Sarah moaned again as Jack deeply penetrated her ass. She was content just staying there, allowing Jack to control her pleasure. He continued on, pushing back and forth into Sarah’s ass, the feeling of her tight asshole around his dick was amazing. She moaned every time Jack filled her, she loved the feeling of getting her ass fucked nice and deep. Jack now started to fuck her faster and she pushed back against him, trying to match his thrusts. The power of Jack’s strokes meant she couldn’t meet all of his thrusts, as the feeling of his dick driving into her depths was overpowering her with pleasure.

Sarah felt Jack twitch inside her ass and she knew she was about to get flooded with cum. She would have preferred it in her pussy but she knew Jack would want to cum in her ass. “Oh Jack, fuck my ass, harder… harder… cum inside me…“ she begged. In response Jack let out a moan, and started to quicken his pace. She let out groan as Jack started to pound in and out of her. She could feel her legs shaking again.

Suddenly she felt Jack cock tighten then blast a load of cum in her ass. His cock throbbing inside her tight hole set off her orgasm. She started moaning loudly as she had another powerful orgasm. Jack continued pushing back and forth in her ass a while after he came, never relenting for a moment. After a minute Jack stopped cumming and pulled out of her. Sarah collapsed forward onto the arm of the sofa, his cum dribbling out of her ass.

Sarah felt exhausted, having been fucked by two guys in one night. She quickly drifted off to sleep. Jack let her sleep there for a moment, content to watch this beautiful girl fast asleep. Eventually he carried her off to bed. He returned to the living room and got dressed as much as he would have loved to spent the night here he had work to do. Jack quickly wrote Sarah a note, leaving his personal number for her and put it by her bedside. After taking one last look at Sarah, he bent over and kissed her forehead before leaving.


What does the morning bring?

          Sarah awakes to find she is alone.


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