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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 12


Sarah softly placed her hand back round Jack’s dick, stroking it back to life. Jack looked at her and saw she still had small traces of his cum around her lips, the sight of it really turned him on. He quickly pulled his shirt off and stripped out of his pants. Sarah followed by taking off her jeans and thongs. Jack stared down at Sarah’s pussy, it’s lips were puffy and red. He moved one hand down to her slit and slide his finger between the lips. Then he quickly eased his finger in to her. He pulled it half way out of her, Sarah’s pussy tightly gripping him. Jack withdrew his finger from her and licked it clean, her pussy tasted really sweet. As much as Jack really wanted to taste Sarah more he was also dying to fuck her.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you again since that night after the Passini mission,” Jack told her.

“I need you inside me, Jack,” Sarah replied.

Sarah released Jack’s dick from her fingers and moved so she could mount him. She rested her legs on either side of him, her breasts were pressing up against Jack’s face and he took pleasure to lick her nipples again. Sarah could feel the tip of Jack’s dick up against her pussy. She moved herself down Jack’s shaft, feeding him into her hungry pussy. His long, thick cock easily entered her soaking wet pussy. She let out a delighted squeal once Jack was fully inside her. She stayed there for a moment, lost in the feeling of being full of dick and her pussy gripping him tightly. Jack moved his hands around to Sarah’s ass, and he began to move her up and down his dick. Jack squeezed Sarah’s ample ass cheeks as he was moving her up and down his dick. Sarah pushed down with her hips as Jack was moving her upwards so that she drove his dick deeper into her pussy.

Jack could feel Sarah’s pussy dripping juice onto his legs. While moving her up and down Jack started to push his groin into Sarah as she was thrusting downwards. Sarah moaned loudly, loving every second of getting fucked by Jack again. He continued to suck her nipples, taking them into his mouth and biting them roughly while licking at them. Sarah moaned again and started to move herself a little faster on Jack’s dick. She pushed down more wildly feeling Jack’s balls hitting against her ass. Jack carried on squeezing Sarah’s ass, feeling the firm flesh of her buttocks. Sarah moaned in delight, her response to Jack’s tongue licking her nipples. Sarah threw her head back and let out a very loud moan. The sounds she was making drove Jack to fuck her harder. He held her ass tighter and started to slam his dick roughly in and out of her pussy. Jack loved the feel of Sarah’s tight pussy gripping him like a vice. Sarah grabbed hold of Jack’s shoulders as his forceful thrusts nearly made her fall over. Sarah felt her legs beginning to shake and knew that she was near an orgasm.

“Fuck me hard Jack! Make me cum!” Sarah told him. Jack had his face full of Sarah’s breasts and was unable to reply. He simply grunted in response and continued to slam his dick back and forth into Sarah’s tight pussy. Sarah felt her pussy starting to contract wildly around Jack’s dick. She screamed in pleasure as the orgasm rocked her body. She pushed herself down onto Jack’s dick and stayed there shaking as she came around his cock. Jack held her tight as she whimpered and her orgasm slowly subsided. He could feel Sarah’s pussy dripping large amounts of juice onto his legs, he rubbed some on to his fingers and brought it to his mouth. He licked Sarah’s cum off his fingers.

“Do I taste good?” Sarah asked.

“You taste really sweet Sarah,” Jack replied.

“I am sorry jack, I just couldn’t hold it back any longer…” Sarah told him as she felt his hard cock.

“Mmmm… you still have another one in you?”

“Uh huh” Jack replied.


What does Jack do next?

          Sarah tries something new


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