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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 11


Sarah leaned in, moving her tongue to Jack’s big cock. She removed the precum from his cockhead with a single lick, then she took the head of his dick into her mouth. Jack moaned as he felt Sarah’s tongue run along the underside of his shaft. Sarah quickly took the rest of Jack’s dick into her mouth. She sucked down hard on it, wrapping her full red lips tight around him. She teasingly licked the base of Jack’s dick while he was buried in her mouth. She started to tease her lips up and down his dick, quickly working him in and out of her mouth. While bobbing her head up and down, Sarah took Jack’s balls between her fingers and gently started to massage them. Jack moaned as Sarah gave him one of the best blowjobs of his life. The room felt like it was spinning around him as Sarah took him to Heaven.

He never realized he’d closed his eyes to help fully enjoy it. He forced them opened and looked down at the young girl. Sarah licked her tongue up, then down Jack’s dick as she took him in and out of her mouth. Jack could feel his orgasm rising and knew he wasn'tgoing to hold on much longer. Sarah felt Jack’s dick twitch and she knew he was close to cumming. She carried on, now moving her free hand to his long shaft. Jack continued to watch her sucking on his cock. Her cheeks were moving in and out to her hard sucking action. He could see that his dick was covered with her spit when she pulled away. A wet string of Saliva formed a necklace from the head of his cock to her mouth. Sarah used her small fingers to rub the spit over his whole dick. Then she slipped her palm over it, closing her fingers. It felt so incredibly good when she started stroking her lubricated hand faster on him.

Sarah continued, trying to make Jack cum for her. She was more than happy to swallow Jack’s load. She felt his cock grow stiff like steel in her mouth, and she sucked harder, while moving her hand faster. His first shot hit the back of her throat and nearly took Sarah off guard, she managed to swallow it and the next couple spurts of his cum. Jack’s dick slip from her mouth and smacked against her cheek as it wilted slightly. Sarah relished the thought of his cock against her face, a mix of her own saliva and his cum painted across her cheek.

Jack stepped back and looked down at Sarah to see her smiling contently at him. She licked her lips, a silent way of letting him know that was great. He still wanted her as he was aching to fuck her again.


What does Jack do?

          Jack can't resist


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