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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 10


Jack leaned in, bringing his mouth to Sarah's nipples. First he licked one then the other, then he took one into his mouth. He sucked down hard on it, almost chewing on it gently with his teeth. Sarah let out a little yelp of pleasure as she felt Jack’s warm tongue brush up against her. She moved her hand back onto Jack’s hard dick, taking his cockhead between her forefinger and thumb and slowly she started to rub it back and forth. Jack now squeezed her breasts with his hands, while switching back and forth between her nipples with his tongue. "Mmmmm...," Sarah moaned while unzipping her jeans. She pulled them down, until they were around her knees. Jack smiled when he saw she was wearing a peach coloured thong, which made it look like she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Sarah ran her finger slowly down her body, circling her navel on the way to her almost invisible thongs. She made sure Jack was watching then slowly rubbed herself through the material. She could feel her pussy growing wetter under her own touch, she was pretty juicy as it was. She moved her fingers on the other hand down Jack’s dick and wrapped her hand back around his length. She started to briskly rub her hand up and down, gripping him tight in her hand. Jack let out a moan of pleasure then sucked harder on Sarah’s nipples. He lapped at them quickly, flicking his tongue back and forth across them. Sarah let out a deep breath as she pushed her thong to one side and pushed a finger into herself. She just pushed the finger in, letting her pussy contract around her digit. Despite her numerous sexual experiences she was till pretty tight and she loved how her pussy gripped a guy’s dick as he went in and out of her. Sarah could feel her pussy oozing juice as she thought about Jack fucking her.

Sarah started to ease a finger in and out of herself. She pumped it slowly, savouring the feeling of herself around her digit. Jack moved one hand down to Sarah’s clit, slowing rubbing it in sync with Sarah fingering herself. She let out a loud moan as Jack continued to play with her. Sarah noticed a small glistening amount of precum forming on the top of Jack’s dick and she knew she wanted to taste him again. But, she also wanted to feel him inside her tight, juicy pussy. There was so many things she wanted to feel and do. Sarah let Jack play with her for a few more minutes while she made up her mind, then she pushed him off her. Jack was unsure as to what Sarah was about to do.


What does Sarah do?

          Heavenly blowjob


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