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18-Year Old Bitch | dkburrows | 7


Unfortunately, pulling the girl's luscious lips off his dick proved more than he could stand, and before Jessica could state a preference the man's dick began to spurt.

He groaned, grabbing it before he could squirt on his own clothes, and directed multiple streams of cum across her face, jerking his cock around to create strings of jism on her cheeks, across her nose, and on her forehead before he finally subsided, dropping her lips back onto the weakly throbbing base of his dick.

Like the pro she was Jessica automatically sucked out the last remaining droplets, though it proved to backfire in that it brought his long-neglected dick back to life again.

"So how about that fifteen-buck fuck, huh?" he asked, and once again held Jessica up by her hair as she twisted her feet to a sitting position.

"Can't you clean my face?" she asked, grimacing.

"No way, I'm not touching that stuff."

"It's your stuff, I never said I was going to give you a blowjob!"

"Well you never protested, and I told you, I'm not paying for that. Here, I'll pay you in advance. Let's go to that alley there," he said, tucking three fives into her cleavage before getting out of the car. He'd already nearly reached the alley before realizing she wasn't following.

"You trying to cheat me? You going to steal my car?" he yelled, stalking back to the car where the handcuffed girl was trying to figure out what to do.


What does/can she do?


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