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18-Year Old Bitch | dkburrows | 6


The decision was obvious to Jessica, and she hopped farther into the car. "Drive!" she yelled, before her forward momentum landed her face-first in the guy's lap.

He smelled like week-old tuna, but the sudden acceleration took her mind off of that as she worried about the remainder of her shapely legs that were sticking out of the car. As she wriggled in an attempt to get in with her hands still cuffed behind her Jessica's face burrowed against the man's crotch.

"Hey, whoa! I wanted a fuck, not a blowjob. I mean, much as I like it... oh yeah... I'm not paying for... ooh... this...."

Jessica squirmed, her knees finally in the car, then her shins and ankles.

"Wait, here. It's a freebie, right?" he said, taking his hands off the steering wheel long enough to pull up her head by her hair and yank out his dick.

"What? No, I'm... urmf!" Was all Jessica could say as he let go of her hair. Opening her mouth to speak had been the wrong thing to too, and the brazen red lips sank relentlessly down until they were at the smelly base of the dick. Her awkward positioning off-set her copious experience in cock-sucking, and she found tears welling at her eyes from the relentless banging of his dick at the base of her throat.

"Oh God I'm about to come!" he yelled, and pulled his car to a screeching halt at the side of the road.

"Can I paint your face? Do you swallow?" he blathered, lifting her face off his dick for an answer


And the answer, if any, is?

          Unfortunately he's coming on her face before she can begin to form words


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