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"I'm Not a Slut" | dkburrows | 8


Heather looked toward the bed with a smirk. 'This'll teach you to steal Ryan'. Ryan had never been her boyfriend, and hadn't considered dating her, but Heather had always fantasized about doing that and so much more until Lexis, supposedly her friend, had swooped in and stolen him away.

Shaking off the anger that always rose like a black tide at such thoughts Heather donned a rubber mask of a former president and grabbed her next tool, taking it over to the bed on a small wheeled table before bringing over the next two. It took a bit of arranging to get them in the proper positions, but she'd done her homework before hand, and soon had them all set up and plugged in.

Heather watched as the blades of the powerful fans came to life, rotating faster and faster, the increasing air flicking the attached ribbons of plastic towards Lexis. With their slight flexibility the thin little whip-like ribbons came oh so close to touching the girl's private parts. One aimed at each heaving breast, topped with their rock-hard nipples. The third was aimed at that vagina that still ached for a touch to make her cum.

Snickering, the vengeful girl retreated, watching as her rival humped the air, trying to make one of the ribbons, so soft in appearance, touch her aching privates. If only...

A small shriek came from Lexis' mouth as one of the thin little ribbons flicked her labia lip, a small red welt forming like it had been stung by a wasp. The ribbons looked so harmless, yet Heather knew they were hard and, while not sharp, stung like a bitch while the fan flicked them around like a cat o'nine tails.

Safe in the area where her pre-set cameras wouldn't catch her face Heather stripped off the mask and looked with satisfaction at the confused movements of lexis. On the one hand she was desperate to cum, on the other her drug-addled mind had started to comprehend that maybe she didn't want those sharp little ribbons touching her soft, sensitive privates. Nonetheless she humped and recoiled, and occasionally yelped as one or the other of the fans made inevitable contact.

"Probably a great ab workout," Heather couldn't help but mutter with a chuckle as she looked at her watch, gauging the amount of time she had before she went on to something else.


What's the next part of her vengeful plan?


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