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18-Year Old Bitch | dkburrows | 4


Jessica seemed oblivious to the fact that he came, but then the sensation of liquid inside her seemed to register and her mouth dropped open.

"Oh. My. Gawd! Did you...? Did you just come in my pussy?" she demanded. Her benefactor and recent fucker stammered, unable to form a coherent denial.

"You did! You did cum in me! Oh my God that is just so fucking unbelievable. I told you not to come in me. I told you to fuck my ass, but could you resist? Noooo.... You had to take advantage of a poor innocent little girl...." she said, to the man's horror she started bawling.

"I... no! I, uh, I just.... Here, I'll give you money. I'll drive you to Vegas. I'll take you wherever you want. Just...."

Jessica hid her smile behind her cupped hands before snatching the proffered money and continuing to hide her face as her shoulders trembled. God men were easy. She thought she could get him to cum from the stupid act, but she did one better and got him to pay her for it. Vegas was going to be so sweet. She was sure she'd be able to scam a few more guys like this.

Cowed by the embarrassing incident and the constant shaking of her shoulders - never suspecting that it was suppressed laughter - the man drove like a maniac to get 'poor' Jessica to Vegas, dropping her outside one of the famous hotels before screeching off into the depths of the city.

Jessica started laughing openly, stopping abruptly as she counted the money for the first time. "Fifteen dollars?" she yelled after him. "Fifteen for a fuck without a condom?"

A car screeched to a stop beside her.

"I've fifteen. I'll take a fuck," the guy within said, ogling her body.

Accept the chance to get more money? Investigate the hotel? Seek out her fame and fortune immediately?


What now for our hopeful (but presently annoyed) girl?

          While she argues about being a prostitute security assumes she is and apprehends her

          She refuses the guy in the car until he offers to help her turn her fifteen bucks into more


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