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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 9


Jack ran his hands through Sarah's new sexy red hair as they shared a long kiss. Their tongues intertwined and their saliva mixed together. Sarah began to run
her hands over Jack's chest, playfully pressing her fingers up against his nipples under his shirt. He broke off their kiss and let out a little moan as he slipped his suit jacket off his shoulders. Before it even landed on the sofa behind him, Sarah began to unbutton his shirt. She managed to get the first three buttons undone, then she quickly ripped it open, a couple buttons popped off the shirt and fell to the floor. Jack watched as she ran her hands down his slightly muscular body. He was lost in the moment, remembering the night they had shared together after Sarah's first mission. Jack had longed to have Sarah ever since. She moved closer, kissing his chest at first, then she came to the nipple. She began to bite it gently, causing Jack to let out a little moan. The CIA special agent ran his hands through Sarah's hair again, almost as if he needed confirmation that she was really there.

Sarah unbuckled Jack's belt, then pulled it through the loops. Once his belt was gone she unbuttoned his pants while returning her mouth to his nipples. Jack
couldn't remember the young girl being this forward before, but he was very happy with her doing as she pleased. Sarah reached down into Jack's pants and
wrapped her small hand around his large cock. She smiled when she pulled it out of his pants, freeing his dick from it's restraint. Earlier he had been able to conceal his excitement, but now it was painfully obvious just how much he had wanted her. Sarah began to rub her hand up and down his rock hard shaft. Jack
kicked off his shoes then moved one hand to her large breasts. He started to caress her bosom through her t-shirt, he could feel her nipple stiffen in response
to his touch. She let out a muffled moan into Jack's chest as she still had one of his nipples in her mouth.

Jack was very happy when Sarah had called tonight, it wasn't exactly routine but he just had to see her. Sarah began to work her hand up and down Jack's dick a
little faster forcing another moan to escape him. He easily pinched Sarah's nipples through her thin top as she wasn't wearing a bra. Sarah took her hand away
from Jack's dick then smiled as she placed her hands at the bottom of her t-shirt. Slowly and seductively she pulled it up and over her head. Jack's arousal was
growing as Sarah revealed her breasts to him. Sarah threw her t-shirt off and laid back on the sofa now topless and motioned with her finger for Jack to join


What does she have in mind?

          Sarah fingers herself


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