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Best Man's Diary | brevdravis | 7


I kissed Dani deeply, our tounges slipping over each other. I sucked gently on her tongue when she pushed it into my mouth, eliciting a hum of pleasure from her. As we kissed my hand slipped to her breast and I squeezed it softly. I felt her nipple hardening under my palm through her dress and bra. It was rock hard, and the look in her eyes was one of pure passion.

"God, that feels so good..." Dani moaned during a brief break in our kiss. "More...."

I hooked my fingers under the shoulder strap of both her dress and bra and slipped it down her shoulder. As it came down, the flesh of her soft breasts came into view. A soft pink; and as the rest of it was uncovered, I licked my lips in appreciation of the light colored nipple that showed. I kissed along her neck, moving downwards. Dani's hands were everywhere, trying to touch me. As I reached her collarbone, her hands pulled the towel from my waist, exposing me to her gaze.

I continued to kiss along her shoulder, moving towards her exposed nipple. Licking around her aureola, I came closer and closer to the puckered flesh. As my lips made contact with her little nub, Dani gasped, and her hands went through my hair. I took as much as her breast into my mouth as possible, savoring the sweet flesh. My free hand caressed her other breast, bringing it to hardness too.

Dani moaned and shook with pleasure. One of her hands felt along my waist, then dipped lower to run through my pubic hair. I inhaled deeply as her fingers brushed against my aching shaft. Dani grinned at the response, and her fingers encircled my cock, as I pulled on the other shoulder of her dress, exposing both of her tits to my gaze.

"Do you like that?" Dani asked as she slowly stroked my cock. "Do I do it as well as my mother?"

In response, I moved my hips as I smiled at her. Her hand felt great on my aching cock, but I wanted more. With a last kiss on her breasts, I slipped my hands down to the hem of her dress and pulled it up. Her thighs slowly came into view, followed a white triangle of panty barely covering her pussy.

"I want to fuck you...." I growled into Dani's ear, as my hand cupped her panties. "I want to make you a woman...."

"Oooooh.... I wanna fuck...." Dani cooed, thrusting her hips against my hand, which had just pulled her panties to the side. My middle finger slipped against her lips, feeling her pussy completely. It grasped at my finger, which aided by the lubrication, slipped into her.

Dani moaned in response. Her hips went wild, thrusting against my finger as I stroked the inside of her body. I pressed my palm against her mound, as I felt her beginning to shudder. Realizing how hot she was, I slipped my thumb down to her clit and rubbed around it. Dani's response was immediate, and she began to gasp, and her legs nearly crushed my hand.

"Oh god, what is this.....?" Moaned Dani, feeling the sensations running through her body. "I'm, oh god, I'm Coming!" she panted, shaking her body as thighs ground against my hand. She continued to shake for a moment, as her hips bucked.

My cock was aching now. It needed to be in a pussy, and this one was completely ready. I moved my free hand down from Dani's breast to her waist, and pulled on the waist of her panties, which were now completely soaked. They slid down her thighs, as she raised her hips to help me. They came off, revealing a nicely bikini-trimmed bush over her wet pussy. She had a very beautiful cunt, which was soaked, and begging to be fucked.

I grinned into Dani's face, as I moved myself between her legs. Her dress was bunched around her waist, but I wasn't going to waste any more time. I felt her thighs on either side of mine, and I knew it was time to take her.

"Yes....." Dani groaned, looking down between us at my cock. "Take me....."

I grasped my cock with one hand as I kissed her. I was already leaking pre-cum, and I smeared it against her pussy with the tip of my cock. I slid myself up and down her lips, before slipping the head down to the bottom, just at the right spot. I slipped my tounge into Dani's mouth, as I pushed forward.

There was a moment of resistance, but then her muscles relaxed and the head of my cock entered her. She had by far the tightest pussy I had ever had. It gripped the head of my cock tightly as I pushed the shaft of my cock into her.

"So big...." Groaned Dani, her hands on my back. She pulled me towards her, her eyes wide and questing.

I pushed in another inch, before I felt something at the tip of my cock. Her hymen. I grinned into her face, pushed against her softly, and then pushed forward with all my might. I felt her maidenhead tear, and then I was fully inside her body. Dani inhaled deeply at the feeling of being taken, and gasped when she felt me fully inside her. The slight pain seemed to wake her slightly from her passion, but I began to move softly, and the feelings brought her right back to where she needed to be.

"Do you like it, darling," I whispered as I began to slip my cock in and out of her pussy. "Do you like getting fucked."

"Yesss....." Dani moaned, her legs coming around me to pull me into her. "Fuck me..... More....."

All to willing to oblige, I continued to slip myself in and out of her, feeling her pussy expanding and contracting around my cock. Her breathing and mine come faster and faster as we sped our pace onward. Dani's hands were everywhere, and I realized that although she might be a virgin, she certainly was an educated one.

Our motions were bringing us closer and closer to orgasm. Dani herself was beginning to shake, and hump her hips against mine urgently. I was getting that familiar feeling in my balls, and knew I was about to come too. I looked down between us at my naked cock plunging into her naked pussy, when I realized that we were fucking completely unprotected.

"Dani," I whispered urgently, "Are you on the pill?"

"What.... oh god, going to come......" Dani whispered back, her pussy pumping against my cock and beginning to contract.

"The pill?" I asked, as my cock began to pulse. Thirty more seconds and I would be shooting sperm into this hot little virgin.

"Uh, not on it....oh goooood........" Dani gasped as she pulled me against her tightly. Her legs pulled me into her as my cock began twitching and I could feel the come starting to rush up my shaft. I needed to pull out, but Dani wasn't letting me!


Did I pull out in time?


          Give her what she wants


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