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Best Man's Diary | brevdravis | 6


I shook my head in amazement, when a small voice from beneath the bed caught my attention.

"Uhm, Is she gone?" Dani's voice was uncertain, as if she had something on her mind.

"Yeah!" I shot up from the bed, and adjusted my robe, trying to stick my hard-on back underneath before Dani emerged. I almost succeeded, but as I watched her crawl out her eyes went directly to my crotch. Unconciously, I saw her lick her lips slightly, before dragging her eyes up to my face. Rapidly I finished with my towel and tried to put on a nonchalant expression.

"Oh my god..." Dani gasped. "My mother wants you to seduce me...." Dani's gaze dropped to my crotch. "Was she just stroking you off? Oh my god......"

"Dani, relax." I tried to calm her down, moving towards her and placing my hand on her shoulder.

"Jesus, you fucked my sister, my mother just gave you a hand job while trying to get you, the only person I trust here I might add, to take my virginity, and you want me to relax!" Dani tossed her head angrily. "What, you want to finish your collection of Reisman pussy?"

"It's not just that, Dani." I started, and the expression in her eyes said that she was willing to give me a chance to explain. "Look, Dani, I want you to understand something..."

"Go ahead." Dani stated, her arms crossed. The motion just accentuated her lovely tits, and my hard on ached. I had visions of just taking this little hotty, but I wasn't that kind of man.

"Dani, I really cared for your sister. I hope you believe that. I wanted her to be happy. I think she's going to be. You come into my room, you kiss me, then you ask for my help in trying to save your virginity. Dressed like that, I might add." I commented pointing to the low cut dress she was wearing. "I was fine with that, but then your mother shows up, and asks me to help you with the exact same problem, but from the opposite angle, and throws in a hand job to boot."

Dani giggled slightly. "I guess you're getting, oh god, what did that guy I led on call it, uh..... oh, Blue Balls...." her little giggle turned into a full blown chortle, and she covered her face with her hand.

As she covered her face, I stepped toward her and gave her a hug. Dani nestled her head against my neck, and her arms came around me. I was very aware of her breasts pressed into my chest and her hands on my flesh. My cock pulsed madly, desperate to be inside the body of this virgin.

I held her for a few minutes, savoring the feeling. I moved my lips to her ears, and breathed softly into it. She hummed in response and turned her ear towards me. My mouth opened, and I gently sucked on her earlobe, before whispering into her ear.

"I want to take your virginity, Dani...." I growled into her ear, and she shuddered softly at the sound.

"Oh my god...." Dani whispered back. "You want to put your cock inside me?"

"Yeah," I murmered against her, as my hand slipped down the front of her dress. "I want to put my dick in your tight little virgin pussy...."

"Oh wow," Dani whispered back. "It's so hot when you talk dirty to me. Tell me more....."

"I want to eat your little pussy until you nearly crush my head between your legs...." I continued, my hand cupping her crotch through her dress. My other hand stroked along her back.

"Do you want me to uh, suck your thing?" Dani whispered back, trying to sound dirty, but doing a virginal job of it.

"It's my cock, baby, say it...." I whispered back.

"Your cock." Dani looked into my eyes, and slid her hand down to my towel. "Do you want me to stroke your cock? Do you want me to rub you like my mother did?"

I grinned at her. Leaning forward, I kissed her on the lips. She returned it, and the mounting heat between us caused us to begin tounge wrestling at a rapid pace. I pushed her back towards the bed, and she fell back on it with me on top of her, kissing her rapidly.


What did I do to her first?

          I fucked her virgin pussy....

          Danielle is enjoying my cock in her mouth!


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