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"A Quiet Little Town.." | spentbob | 8


Betty seems to be the worst player by far - she lost badly to Kerry in their game just now, so you pick her to play against. The girls all grin when you announce your choice, and Betty sets up the table.

You flip a coin to see who goes first, and Betty wins. She pots a red from the break, and then proceeds to pot another.. and another, and another. She's easily the best player you've ever seen, she barely even hesitates, and you watch silently as she pots all the reds and then the black. You never even get to make a shot.

Kerry and Shelby the barmaid are laughing hysterically by the time the goth girls done, and you stare at her mouth open as she leans back against the table and grins at you.

"Can you spell 'hustled', hun? 'Cause you just have been."

The barmaid reaches beneath the counter and produces a jar full of folded pieces of paper, and puts it on the bar top.

"C'mon then sport," she says, "You lost, now you get to pick a forfeit. Let's see what you're going to do

for us."

The three girls all stare at you, grinning expectantly.


Do you protest, or accept defeat and pick a forfeit?

          Pick a forfeit


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