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"A Quiet Little Town.." | spentbob | 7


The two girls link arms with you, one on each side, and drag you off to the back of the shop. It's a secluded area, just a few boxes and bins in a gap between a high fence and the side wall of the shop, which is bare apart from a dusty and battered back door.

They release your arms and step back from you, both of them grinning predatorily.

Big Lindsey removes her green and black school tie and hands it to Minxy who, giggling, darts around you and deftly ties your hands behind your back with alarming skill. Before you can protest, she's ran round in front of you again as the tall girl unzips your trousers and starts rubbing hard on your rapidly stiffening cock.

Big Lindsey slips behind you, not letting go of your dick, jacking it hard with one cool hand as she stands behind you, rubbing her pussy hard against your butt.
The shorter girl stands in front of you, sneering and smirking and teasing, and generally doing her best to drive you even wilder.

"Like that huh? You like what she's doing. You like that you can't stop it. We're going to do *whateeeever* we want to you, and you can't do a thing about it - and you love it."

Lindsey jacks you even harder, painfully hard, squeezing your cock as tight as she can, and you give a short involuntary yell as she uses her free hand to give your balls a short, sharp squeeze.

"Hey! None of that!" snaps Minxy, and Lindsey releases your balls and places her hand over your mouth, blocking any further cries and her other hand pumps on and on at your dick...

Minxy carries on with her tease show, wiggling her tongue at you - not as skillfully as Rasna did, you can't help but notice - and telling you how much you love this, teasing and mocking you with how you're at the mercy to two little school girls, and can't do a thing about it.

She cups her breasts and squeezes her boobs together under her shirt as Lindsey increases her speed on your dick still further, and you moan, as you find yourself getting close to the edge...


Do you cum?

          You're interupted!

          The girls want some attention first

          You cum buckets


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