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"A Quiet Little Town.." | spentbob | 5


The two girls hanging round behind a shelf near the back of the shop are both curvy brunettes, one short and one startlingly tall - over six foot, easily.

The shorter one is the plumpest, but still definitely curvy rather than fat, and has her hair tied back in a pony tail. She lightly tanned skin, a round, cute, cheeky little face, and a devilish gleam in her dark eyes.

The tall girl is one of the more striking girls you have ever seen - she's not just tall, but broad too. Not fat, just as if she's been built on a larger scale than everyone else, her amazing breasts included. Her hair is long, and hangs down past her shoulders, and her face is long, lightly freckled and a little arrogant looking - curved eyebrows, darkly gleaming eyes and a know-it-all tilt to her smile.

They share a glance as you approach, then beckon you closer and in hushed voices ask you to buy cigarettes for them.

"You two *must* be old enough to buy those" you say, and they both roll their eyes at you before the shorter girl replies.

"Yeah, we're legal, don't worry - just the bitch who runs this place " - she nods with a scowl at the Indian MILF behind the counter - " she has an agreement with our headmistress not to sell them to anyone from our school."

"Bad for the school image, don't you know." says the tall girl, mockingly.

"So, will you buy us some?" asks the smaller girl again, running her cool hand up and down your arm, "We'll make it worth your while..."


Do you agree?



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