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"A Quiet Little Town.." | spentbob | 3


She smiles at your offer and says -

"Yep, alright. I guess I could get some use out of you."

She hands you the heavy shopping bag and tells you to follow her, which you're happy to do, watching her generous butt swaying as she leads you down the street. As you walk you try to ask her some things about the town, but she neatly deflects you questions and you learn nothing other than that her name is Jayne.

She takes you back to her home, a small house near the end of a terraced street, and unlocks the door and ushers you inside.

You step into a small, crowded lobby, and the woman kicks the door shut and wraps her arms around you from behind. You jump a little, and have to be careful not to drop the load of shopping. With your arms busy holding the load of her groceries, she's free to explore your body as she chooses.

Jayne grinds her hot, hard body against your back, and you feel her firm breasts and hot crotch pressing against you as one hand rubs your chest and the other sups and squeezes your balls. You gasp and jump again, and nearly spill some of the groceries out of the top of the bag. The minx laughs behind you and your cock stiffens as she speaks and you feel her breath, hot and cinnamon scented, against your cheek.

"Mmm, I think I've brought home quite a bargain," she purrs, "Just don't drop my shopping now..."

She unzips your fly and roughly yanks out your stiff dick. She makes a painfully tight fist around it and gives you a couple of hard jerks, making you shudder and her laugh.

"Hey, Mary," she calls out, "Come see what I found at the shop!"

A door opens, and a shorter, fatter woman emerges, wearing a black tank top that barely manages to restrain her huge, wobbling boobs. She's also in her early twenties, though not as attractive as Jayne by a long way. She still sports a fair amount of fading teenage acne, her dark, tied back hair looks a little greasy. Her extra weight gives her heavy, pouting features, a frowny, almost petulant look to her eyes and mouth - though you can't help but wonder how those plump, soft looking lips or those outsized breasts would feel around your cock.

She glances down at your cock and then ignores you and says straight to Jayne -

"What the hell? You can't just bring *strangers* back without me meeting them first..."

Jayne just laughs at her, her hand now lightly squeezing and then releasing your balls.

"Oh, he's fine. And I told you, I want a rematch."

Mary looks down at your dick again appraisingly, then for the first time, up at your face, then smirks a little and takes the groceries out of your arms.

"Alright then. Get him into the living room."

Jayne drags you through by your cock and shoves you roughly down onto a sofa as Mary dumps the groceries onto the table, then both girls pounce on you, and quickly have you stripped naked, though they stay fully dressed. They sit either side of you, and Jayne explains what's going on.

"See, me and Mary have this... running contest. Now, I know it's obvious that I'm the hottest, right? But Mary says that all guys secretly prefer bigger girls. SO now and again... we put it to the test. We know you'd never answer honestly if we just ask - men always lie - so we're going to take turns wanking you, and the one you cum for, well, we know that's your favorite."

"The last three all came for me," says Mary, smugly.

"Yeah, well, proves nothing. Oh, something else, tiger," Jayne says, leaning forward so she's speaking right into your ear, "The one you cum for gets a reward... you. So think about who you'd rather have bouncing round on top of you, little me or that fat lump."


"Oh, I'm teasing... you're three up, after all. Okay, you get the choice, sport - which of us do you want to go first?"


Pick a girl, or do you protest?

          Choose Jayne to go first


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