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18-Year Old Bitch | dkburrows | 2


"Screw you!" she said, fumbling with the door while he fumbled with his pants. "I'm not doing any of those.

"Fucking cunt," the man said, realizing it wasn't going to be his lucky day as the girl finally figured out how to unlock and open the door. He thought about locking it again before she opened it, and maybe forcing the issue, but decided not to bother.

Jessica stood once again on the side of the road, her spirits a bit dampened by the experience, but for a good five minutes her anger at the jerk buoyed her up. then she started to really look around and realized she was in the middle of no-where, with large empty fields on either, and only trees on the horizon.

"A hand job wouldn't have been so bad," she whispered to herself, shifting her high-heeled wedges back and forth as she hoped for another car.


Does another car come before nightfall?

          The sun vanishes and a cold rain pelts her and still no cars appear


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