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Hypnoman and Somnambulass | Shendude | 3


Hypnoman and Somnambulass returned to the cab.

"Gee, Master Hypnoman," Somnabulass said. "Tina Trance is back. This is going to be fun!"

Hypnoman smiled indulgently, knowing that Somnambulass was thinking of some of their earlier battles with the lovely Tina...and more precisely the aftermath of those battles, when the power of the Eye had complelled the villaines to show off her extremely talented tongue. Hypnoman himself was less sanguine; while Tina wasn less physically powerful than some of the foes he and his partner had faced, the fact that she was a fellow mind-controller made fighting her complicated. Still, she had to be stopped, and in order to do that, he had to find one of her victims.

Hypnoman turned his gaze on Somnambulass, his eyes roving up and down her nubile body. It was a shame that she was a lesbian, and thus uninterested in him. Of course, he could easily deal with that using the Eye, but she was also his niece, and he wasn't that perverse. Dressing her up in lingerie and ogling her was as far as he was willing to go. Of course, the Eye could easily deal with that as well...

As Hypnoman's thoughts wondered towards turning the Eye on himself, he felt himself slipping into a trance. He smiled.

"Works every time," he said to himself. Then he got to work. In his entranced state, his link to the Eye was strengthened a hundredfold, giving him an awareness of everyone in the city who had ever been mind-controlled. He cut out everyone that he had done himself, drastically reducing the number. Then he cut out the men, everyone over the age of thirty, and everyone who had been laid under a spell more than a week ago. The number was reduced to about a dozen or so.

Hypnoman homed in one, getting a fix on her location, and then began giving the driver directions. Twenty minutes later, they pulled up outisde a large building.

Somnambulass grinned. "Ooh, an all-female dorm! I love those!"

Hypnoman laughed. "As do I. Come along, now."

The pair headed into the building, as Hypnoman homed in ever closer. They went up some stairs, down a hallway, and stopped infront of a room. "She's in there," Hypnoman said, and knocked gently. A few minutes later, a busty brunette in a t-shirt and panties opened the door. Hypnoman instantly put her in a trance.

"This is our girl," he decalred, as Somnambulass licked her lips and ogled the girl.


What do Our Heroes do with the girl?


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