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"I'm Not a Slut" | dkburrows | 7


John sauntered up to Heather, not bothering to cover up his massive member. Being a professional of the adult film industry it never occurred to him that it might make anyone uncomfortable. heather, not being a pro, found it hard not to stare or wonder what it would feel like. But the thrill wasn't worth the loose pussy she'd end up with.

"That was worth the travel-time," John said, taking a towel that Heather offered tentatively. "That'll be number one on my Cannon Cum Shot websites for a long time. If she ever wants another go give me a call."

"Oh, she'd love that. She was fretting about which hole she wanted you in. She was going to go anal, but at the last moment she decided to go for the hole 'stupid slut gets knocked up' thing. Stupid slut's going to be her trademark."

John laughed, accepting a towel from Heather. "Some of my other sites would be great for her. I've got a few friends who're really into that stuff if you're interested."

Heather smiled, nodding. "She'd love that. She really gets off on humiliation."

John grinned, and the nice-guy mask slipped, showing a predator beneath. "I don't normally give bonuses, but here's the second half of the payment. $250, with a hundred extra."

"Thank you!" Heather said, smiling nervously in the face of his pleasure at humiliating a woman.

John nodded, his mind already on other things, like editting the footage. Heather let out a relieved breath as he finally left the room and looked toward Lexis, still cuffed to the bed.


Now what's in store for Lexis?

          A bit of teasing involving fans and ribbons, but it's not at all as nice as it looks


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