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18-Year Old Bitch | dkburrows | 10


Like little boys the guys wheedled.

"Come on, sugar tits..." "Don't go without giving us a last shot at that pussy..." "Don't be a tease..."

Except that Jessica was a tease. Normally. She loved wrapping guys around her finger, making them pay through the nose on dates. Sure she sometimes put out, but she made them pay first...

"Okay!" she said, staring at the money that was left for her to win. With her luck she was sure to beat them again, right?

"Let's make it simple, since you look like you need to go," Vinnie smirked at her, the chair still somehow stuck to her. "High card wins."

Holding onto the table for support Jessica watched the cards be dealt. Five cards, face-down. The guys pulled theirs toward themselves.

"What do you have, hot cheeks?"

Jessica looked down at her card, picking it up clumsily with long pink nails. "Queen!" she crowed, tossing it into the middle.

"Appropriate," one of the guys muttered.

"Let's turn ours on three," Vinnie said. "One.... Two... Three!"


Who wins?

          They all do! Well, except for Jessica


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