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18-Year Old Bitch | dkburrows | 9


Several rounds went by, both in drinking and the game. Between the smoke and the booze they gave her ("nothing but the best!") she was barely able to sit on the chair. Miraculously, though, the cards seemed to love her, and her pile was growing as the guys bet with wild abandon.

Seeing their stacks shrink and hers grow big made her nipples hard and her pussy juicy. Soon she was leaving a big wet spot on the vinyl chair that was practically glued to her bare thighs.

"Damn you're good," Vinnie exclaimed, making Jessica beam.

"Yeah!" she cheered when she won again, and wobbled on the chair. "I... I think I'm done..." she said, feeling nauseous suddenly.

"Whoa!" "Hey!" "Hold on!" they cried.

"Sorry guys," she said with a hiccup, and struggled to detach the chair from the suction cup that her soaked pussy had become.

"Wait!" Vinnie cried. "One more round. For special stakes. Double or nothing!"

Jessica couldn't seem to get up without the chair coming with her, and froze mid-way up, the chair dangling a half-foot from the floor. "Wow," was all she could think to say.


But will she follow it with a yes or a no?

          That's too much money for her to refuse


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