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18-Year Old Bitch | dkburrows | 7


"We've each got five-hundred if you're wondering," Vinnie told her, and she looked around at the other 4 guys.

"That's like... five thousand!" she exclaimed, eyes wide with dollar signs. The guys smirked at each other.

"One rule of the house," said one of the guys, a twinkle in his eye. "New players have to buy the drinks."

"But... I don't have any money!" she protested.

The guy shrugged, blowing a cloud of smoke across the table at her. It smelled gross and made her woozy. "So you pay for it like you pay for the rest. You win enough you'll be paying with chips. Sound good? Or are you chickening out?"

Jessica looked around again at the piles. Maybe there was even more than five thousand there!


Newbie buys the drinks, or argue against the rule or terms?

          Noobs don't set the rules, but they can negotiate!


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