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18-Year Old Bitch | dkburrows | 5


"Wow, you give good head. It especially feels good when you tickle the pee-hole with your tongue," he said, knowing full well that tickling that hole was a sure-fire way of making him want to actually piss. "You ever have guys piss in your mouth?"

"Well duh," she said, pulling her mouth off put letting her finger tickle his urethra. "I mean, it happens when a guy's real excited. It's practically the same as jizz you know. Just without the little baby-stuff."

Jessica's lips went back to forming a suction seal around his cock, drawing blood back into the member while her tongue made his bladder squirm.

Not yet, he thought, hoping he could make it perform when he wanted it. The thought of pissing for real in this girl was a huge turn-on.

"Okay, I think I'm ready," he gasped, knowing that to be an understatement. This gal was an expert cocksucker.

"Pussy for lube, or ass for the fuck?" she asked brightly, still rubbing his piss-hole.


Pussy or ass, or does he want something else?

          The bimbo turns to bitch, which backfires

          He decides he wants to 'cum' in her mouth, and then dumps her in the next town.


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