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"In space no one can hear you breed" | Bran_Hopewell | 6


Some darker part of your mind takes control over the thoughts going through it: love for your sister, how many people she just eradicated for a little kiss, how much further this will go...

The second touch of her lips on yours is pure electricity. It barely registered that the first kiss left you hard and wanting more, but now the thought was there in spades. She moans softly into the kiss just before it breaks, both of you half out of breath. The darker part of your brain breaks in again, and this time it doesn't leave, but it leaves you with one single statement of fact.

She killed everyone else to be with you...every single other person...their loss will not be in vain!

The third kiss blended in with the fourth, the fifth, the twentieth. You were aware that two sets of legs shifted and your thigh found its way between hers, the heat of her sex was already incredible on your skin, and you feel yourself surge at the thought of getting inside to feel her molten volcano surround your proud erection.

You and your sister are all hands and lips and tongue. You are vaguely aware of clothing being stripped from each others bodies. You feel her tight body under you, pressing against yours, writhing for contact against your skin. It doesn't take long before both of you are naked her legs spread around your hips, your throbbing election laying across her tight, almost lip-less, liquid hot sex. Both of your are breathing heavy and every movement of her under you sends electricity coursing through your body. How you haven't cum yet is beyond you.

"Please, brother, oh God, please , make me a woman," your sister moans into your mouth. But that means....

", are you a virgin?"

She nods slowly, pulling herself to your lips and kissing you long and slow as your feel her pussy pulse like it's trying to pull your cock inside her.

"I was saving myself for you, even on Earth," she says in a whispery, shivery moan.

You part from her to take a survey of her body. Tight, firm tits capped off by dusty pink nipples, taut body, flaring hips flowing curvaciously from an athlete's waist, tight, toned thighs, and of course, your throbbing member, sticking up between the two of you, leaking little drops of pre-cum over where her bush would be if she had one. You can't help but wonder if the carpet matches the straw and platinum blond curtains.

You'll find out. But now, there's a decision to make.


More foreplay or to hell with that, she's ready now!

          Stick it in!


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