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"Harder please!" | Gordon17 | 1


He is lying in her arm, she touches his face, her gentle voice is sending shivers down his spine, just like all the times. She is playing with his nipples again, they are already hurting a bit. She is talking to him with her calm voice. He had to masturbate in front of her and had to stop just before cumming. Cumming was strictly forbidden. Just using his full strength he was able to do so. She knew more about his body than he did himself. When there were only two or three moves were left until his explosion he heard her gentle order: "Stop!"

Almost he had been screaming as loud as hell, aghast, that one more time he was not allowed to ejaculate. He wants to taste her, but her game with him is not over yet. He knows she wants it all from him. If she would allow him to cum after almost endless pain he would see flashlights in his mind.

But he is addicted to this game she made the rules for. The sudden end of her caresses causes this beating in his loins, the top of his cock is screaming for more and his whole dick, hard as a rock, seems to be connected directly with his nipples. The twisting of his nipples is sending beats into his cock and his head. Not really aching, pure lust, but somehow painful. He is listening to her voice: „Can you feel my fingernails at your nipples?“


„Does it hurt?“


„Do you want me to stop?“

„Ohhno, do not stop!“


He knows exactly the answer she is expecting. And he wants it, too, right? But despite of this he is afraid. And he knows what is coming up for him.

He presses the words out of his mouth: „Harder please!“

Not a second after these words have left his lips an extreme heavy hit is beating from his nipples to his loins. Although or because it hurts so much he is pressing his breast towards her. She is twisting his nipples, hard, always harder. And she knows exactly how far she can go.


How far will she go?

          Do I have to teach you everything?

          As far as he likes it...


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