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A Family Of Three | Bran_Hopewell | 4


Aimee spun around again, making her skirt rise up as she checked the room one last time for anything she could have forgotten. Seizing the opportunity I slapped her ass before her skirt could fall back into place.

"Ooooh, Clint...." she moaned lustily. "Fuck, we don't have time!"

"Oh, we have time. Between you two fucking teasing me, I gotta get my rocks off!" I responded and grabbed her lacy thong, my finger slipping between it and her soaked snatch.

"What are you..." she said quickly. I cut her off with a fast tug of my hand which ripped the lace apart, giving me the access I needed. I bent her over quickly and she grabbed onto her window sill for support while I stepped forward and speared my sister's juicy cunt with one long push.

"You hot little bitch!" I hissed playfully and slapped her ass. I knew I'd be cumming inside her in seconds. The wet slaps of my balls hitting her clit filled the air and her rippling pussy was begging me to unload in it.

"Oh fuck me, brother!" she cried louder than she should have. "Fuck my sweet little cunny!" she screamed.

We both started cumming at the same time, my throbbing cock blasting a river of hot cum against the depths of her sex, her squeezing, quivering pussy letting out little bursts of cum. I knew my pants were getting wet and as as the last of my full-body shakes ebbed away while I came down, we heard the horn of the SUV honking and mom yelling.

"Come on you two!"

Aimee and I looked at each other, realizing only then that her window was open.

"Shit!" Aimee hissed in a whisper. I quickly did my fly up and she stepped out of the shredded lace panties and started quickly going to her drawer for another pair.

"No time!" I said quickly, my eyes twinkling. I grabbed my sister with one arm and her bags with the other and carried all of it to the car.


Did you mom just catch you having sex?


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