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"A Quiet Little Town.." | spentbob | 13


"Your face."

"What?" you say, but before you've got the word out, Dharma has reached out, grasped your balls and given them a hard squeeze.

You squeal and bend over, trying to cup them protectively though instinct, but the Indian minx is keeping a tight grip on them, and Pippa had hopped off the bed, jumped behind you, and is twisting your arms up behind your back hard.

"What the fuck..?" you gasp, but the girls know just what they're doing, and Dharma, laughing, gives your balls another waring squeeze as she works your throbbing hard dick with her other hand, and you shut up.

Pippa shoves you onto the bed, giving your arms a twist that send sharp, creaking pain shooting up into your shoulder socket when you resist for a second. She drags you around so that she's sitting with her legs tucked under her, you lying on her lap with your the back of your head against her stomach and your wrists held painfully twisted either side of her hips, held hard enough for you to know she could cause some serious damage to them if you struggled. Where the hell did she learn that kind of move?

Both girls are laughing wildly now, and Dharma shoves your legs apart with her non balls squeezing hand and shoves a leg under your butt, so you're bent up enough that your aching, rock hard dick is pointed straight at your face.

"Aw, come on!" you moan, as Dharmas strong brown hand rubs relentlessly up and down your sore dick, but the girls just laugh harder.

"What's the matter, manny, hmm?" teases Dharma, "We're gonna make you cum, don't you like that, Mmm? Oooh, we're gonna make you cum soooo hard..."

She's jacking your aching dick so hard her hands a blur, and Pippas death grip on your wrists means you can't do anything to squirm away from her. After the fucking you've given the two girls, there's nothing you can do to hold back now... Jesus, you think and Dharma drags you helplessly towards orgasm, the girls laughter ringing in your ears, these bitches have stitched you right up...

Dharma rams a finger, slick with both hers and Pippas juices, suddenly and savagely into your arsehole, and you come hard and ferociously, ass clenching and dick spasming painfully as you shoot what feels like a gallon of thick, hot ropes of spunk right into and over your own face. It is an amazingly intense orgasm, and you can't help but open your mouth to scream as you cum, with predictable results.

You lie there gasping, sweating, and trying to spit out as much of the spunk that got into your mouth as you can as you're held in the laughing girls grip, and Dharma leans over you, her eyes bright and shining, her mouth smiling cruelly, her skilled fingers still working your sensitive dick and slipping in and out of your ass as you moan.

"That's what we call fair play and turnabout, little man," she tells you, making Pippa laugh harder, "We *like it* when you fuck us hard... but we'll fuck you twice as hard in return. Think hard about how you want to go on playing."

You're too dazed to do anything but moan, and you hear a click from behind you before you even realize that Pippa's been doing something to your arms, and then she releases them, snickering.

"What?" you grunt stupidly, head still swimming from the insane orgasm, and try to bring your hands around in front of you to look at them, but there's a rattle of chain, and they both stay stuck behind your back.

"Handcuffs?" you say dully, to fresh gales of laughter.

"That's right, spunk-face!" says Pippa, leaning round and kissing you on the cheek, "It's fun when a boys got a *little* fight in him, but we don't want you to wear yourself out all in one go. We like the game to go on for a while before the boys *completely* broken."

"Yeah," Dharma agrees, smirking as she giving your sensitive dick one last squeeze as she stands up, "We don't want to fuck *you* into submission right away, do we?"

The naked, giggling girls leave the room, but Pippa stops at the door, turns round and says "You're *fucking* good though. The best so far." Silently, she mouths "Come find me," and winks.

The door clicks shut, leaving you alone. Okay. So, the little minxes played you like fiddle. So now you're trapped in the house of three nympho eighteen year olds, are naked, have your hands cuffed behind your back and are covered with your own spunk. That really could have worked out better...

You're determined to get revenge on those two cheeky vixens, but maybe first you should go try to figure out a way to clean up a little in the bathroom, or maybe find Rachel if she's alone... maybe she'll be a little easier to deal with, and you can maybe even convince to to undo your handcuffs.. Or you could always try to find Pippas room and take her up on her offer, if you want to risk tangling with her again so soon.


Where next?


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