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"A Quiet Little Town.." | spentbob | 9


Dharma laughs and pulls the dildo from her cunt as you climb onto the bed and on top of her warm, willing body.

"Come to Dharma, little man," the dusky teenage beauty tells you with a smirk, "It's time you learned how a *real* woman fucks."

"Little man?" you laugh, "I've got to be five years older than you, at least."

She wraps her dark slender arms and legs around you and drags you on top of and into her. You both moan as your rock hard cock is engulfed by her tight, wet, scalding hot pussy.

"Mmmm... but I still think *you're* going to be the one doing all the.. ah!... learning."

She grips tightly onto one of your buttocks with one hand while the other, still gripping the dildo,
presses hard against the small of your back as she pulls you as deep as she can into her.

"Oh.. ah!.. oh yeah?" you gasp as she bucks her hips and bites playfully at your ear.

"Oh yes... you don't have a clue what..uh!.. what you've got yourself into, little man... They all start off cock sure.. mmm... yes.. I like that... but by this time tommorow, you're going to be *begging* for mercy. Aaah!"

She claws at your back with her spade shaped nails as her other hand, a tight fist gripping the dildo, preses hard against your buttocks she directs the speed and angle of your thrusting. She squeezes you between her strong brown thighs and squeezes her pussy even tighter around your dick you gasp at the sensation of her hot wet cunt dragging hard against your cock.

"Rachel made you cum, didn't she?" Dharma purrs into your ear, "Little dickies a little - ah! lean to the left - sensitive, isn't it?"

You groan and keep bucking hard into the molten gold of her pussy.

"Jesus, you're - uh! - you're good.." you tell her.

"Oh, I know, I know.. mnh! Harder now.. come on, fuck.. me... HARDER!"

You hammer into her for all you're worth, and she bucks and twists under you, holding you firmly, gasping and moaning and criticizing, until she becomes frustrated with you.

"Come ON! You're not.. fucking me.. HARD ENOUGH!"

You feel a pressure on your anus. Shocked, you stop your thrusting for a second and look down at her pretty, haughty face, her dark eyes laughing up at you, and then you remember her dildo.

Grinning, the girl forces the plastic dick into you.

You cry out and she laughs wildly, you try to pull away from it, forcing yourself deeper into her scalding sex, but she just thrusts the dildo even deeper into you, and you swear and buck even harder against her.

"Oh FUCK!" she yells, "Oh yeah! Yeah! Like that! Now you're getting it!"


Are you willing to play along with this, or do you stop the fucking and pull out of her?

          You take charge!


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