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"A Quiet Little Town.." | spentbob | 8


You pass by the first door, thinking that seems to obvious, and try the second one.

Through the door is a largeish bedroom, decorated in shades of dark red, blood colored walls and a maroon carpet. The furniture is dark mahogany, a heavy double wardrobe, desk and a large double bed with an over sized headboard and red silk sheets.

Dharma is lying supine on the bed, naked, playing with herself with a slim pink dildo. Her head is propped up on some plump pillows, her long, shining black hair spread around her, and she stares at you with a level, almost haughty gaze, her full lipped mouth tightly closed.

She looks amazing, her slim, brown body stretched out luxuriously, her heavy breasts lying spread across her chest, the large, dark nipples pointing up towards the ceiling, her long, tones legs spread wide as she works the plastic cock slowly in and out of her tight, shaven pussy.

As the door clicks shut behind you she says "Well, guess I found you, didn't I? You know what that means."

You do. Getting found means fucking, and the sight of the Indian goddess naked and ready has your cock twitching towards hardness and you more than willing to play by the rules. You're pretty sure you found her more than the other way round, but you're not about to argue.

She's clearly highly aroused, wanting it bad, though. Maybe you're in a good position to try to get some information from her about what's going on here? On the other hand, Jesus, look at her, you're not sure you can resist the urge just to jump on her...

"Get over here", she orders.


Do you obey, or do you have some questions first?

          Questions later, let's fuck!


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