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"A Quiet Little Town.." | spentbob | 7


"You know," she says, "I guess it'd be just good manners to give you a little test run..."

Grinning wickedly, she stands, takes your hands, pulls you to your feet then stands in front of you, eyes gleaming and mouth smirking.

"Guess who's a lucky boy." she giggles, sinking to her knees.

The curvy little vixen wraps a cool hand around your balls and appraises your cock.

"Mmm.. not too bad..."

Rachel engulfs your aching dick with her hot, wet mouth, sucking hard, her head bobbing back and forth as her tongue writhes at the underside of your cock making you moan, you look down at her and she's staring up at you, eyes gleaming as she sucks, her hand, still so cool, massaging your balls and your knees begin to shake.

You moan as she sucks at you, viciously, as hard as she can, head bobbing, dragging you to orgasm as quickly as she can and then suddenly she backs off, letting you cool down.

"Aw shit, please," you beg, grabbing at her head, but stop when she gives your balls a warning squeeze.

"Uh-uh, just relax and enjoy it!" she tells you, teasingly, "Enjoy it while you still can..."

She repeats this twice, teasing you right to the sweating, quivering brink, making you beg, before finally relenting and sucking hard at the head of your dick while working your shaft hard with one hand while the other teases the sensitive skin between your balls and ass, till you finally get all the way to orgasm.

Just as you reach your peak, Rachel shoves a finger up your asshole, making you yelp and buck and cum all in the same instant. You cry out as you cum, it's so intense, and you feel the vibrations of Rachel laughing around your cock.

She keeps sucking hard and you tremble, shake and swear, your dick so sensitive, you want to pull away but Rachels finger deep in your butt and her other hand gripping tightly onto your ass cheek keep you trapped.

Finally, she seems satisfied that she's got every drop out of you, and you shudder as pulls back, sucking your cock one last time as it slides from her lips. Then she stands, smiling wide, and grabs your head and pulls you into a deep, open mouthed kiss, forcing your cum back into you, holding the kiss til she's sure you've swallowed. You're too shaky and shocked to resist.

She places a hand in the center of your chest and gives you a gentle shove and you flop, dazed back onto the bed.

"Hope you enjoyed your treat.. and that it doesn't effect your performance - you better be able to get that thing stiff again soon, or you'll be in trouble."

With a laugh, the pretty girl steps back from you and, giggling, skips off to the door and pulls it shut it behind her, saying -

"See you later, lucky-boy!"

You lean back on the bed, breathing heavily. Jesus, what have you got yourself into? And what should you do next?


What now?

          Leave Rachels room and try the first door

          Leave Rachels room, and try the second door


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