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"A Quiet Little Town.." | spentbob | 9


You slide your hard dick into the chubby nerds tight wet pussy, making both of you moan, and she pulls her legs up further, making her pussy clench even tighter around you.

"Ooh, yes," she moans, closing her eyes, "This is what I've been needing."

"Fuck, you feel so good" you tell her.

"Mmm, so do you," she replies grinning, her eyes gleaming wickedly behind her glasses as she reaches up to stroke your chest, "Now come on and FUCK ME!"

She wraps her legs around you and tenses them hard, pulling you sharply into her hot wetness, making you involuntarily ram your dick hard deep into her cunt. She gasps as you begging to thrust hard into her, making her eyes open wide and her huge heavy breasts bounce.

"Oh, shit YEAH!" she yells, grabbing your arms and guiding your hands to her breasts, "Fuck me! Fuck me HARD!"

You squeeze one of her large breasts with one hand, but shake the other free of her grip and reach to cover her mouth.

"Shh," you tell her between thrusts, "Keep.. quiet. YOu don't want... us to get... interrupted.. do you?"

She grabs hold of your wrist on pulls it away from her mouth, pulling it down to her pussy and placing it over her clitoris as she bucks her hips to meet your every thrust.

"Ooooh just shut up and FUCK MEEE!"

Jesus Christ, this girl really gets into it. You'd never have guessed form her nerdy, sensible looks that she'd be so aggressive a screw. You gasp as she bucks and clenches, kneading her boobs with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other s you pound into her as hard as you can, feeling her tight wet pussy dragging relentlessly at your cock as you hammer away.

She's not going to shut up, and with her legs wrapped around you and her hands gripping your arms, she's not going to let you get away till this fuck is over. Can you manage to get her to come before you do, and before her yells get so loud that one of the other girls comes to investigate?



          Nope, Dharma arrives to investigate!


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