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"A Quiet Little Town.." | spentbob | 10


Looking down at Dharmas smooth, firm brown ass, you can't resist the desire to fuck her. You nudge her legs apart with your thigh and force your aching hard cock into her tight, wet pussy with a moan. You knead her hot breasts as you slide your dick slowly in and out of her, tugging at her long, rock hard nipples. She clenches her pussy around your cock, and raises her face from Pippas crotch to gasp -

"Oh fuck, oh shit yeah, fuck me. Fuck me."

Laughing, Pippa grabs her head firmly and shoves it back into her pussy.

"Shut up and keep licking, Dhar. Oooh! It's about time you did this for me for a change..."

What the hell do these girls get up to? It seems pretty clear now that they're used to playing around with each other, as well as any guys they get back here.. and what about all the mens clothes? If they were just left here, what happened to the guys? But maybe you don't have to think about those questions *right* now...

You grip Dharmas hips firmly as you slide your dick slowly in and out of her, and watch Pippas round, pretty face contort in ecstasy, clenching shut her eyes and biting her lip as the Indian minx laps at her.

From what Pippas said, and the way Dharma acts, you guess that she's normally in control, taking charge of things. She seems overtaken by lust at the moment, but you remember what Rachel said about "punishments" and wonder if she'll try something to get back at you later...

She pulls her head out of Pippas bush and gasps "Faster! I need it faster, oh shit, fuck me faster!"

Pippa laughs again and once more shoves her face back into her pussy.

"Dharmas use to.. ahhh!.. being the one on top..." she tells you, grinning.

You grin back at Pippa and squeeze Dharmas firm tits hard, but the way she's bucking back hard against your thrusts and writhing as you fuck her, you're not sure how long Dharmas going to be content to remain "the bottom". This is one horny little minx...


Do you give her the hard fucking she's asking for, or keep teasing her with slow strokes?

          A hard fucking before you change partners.


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