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A Family Of Three | Bran_Hopewell | 5


I nod, my hand still returning to flying at the speed of light on my dick and Aimee quickly, dutifully, drops in front of me.

"Don't stop jacking," she says in a sultry tone and sucks the head of my cock into her mouth, my hand still flying along the shaft. My sister's hands cup my balls and she plays with them in just the right way, giving me the perfect combination of her soft fingers and her well manicured nails. It doesn't take long and I'm flooding her mouth with my second load of the day, a load that I was fantasizing about pumping into my mother's mouth instead of my sister's. Aimee just kept sucking and sucking and drinking and slurping my head as spunk rocketed out of me. I think if she were anyone else and not totally ready, I'd have drowned her.

"MMmm! You came a lot!" she said as that after-cumming fog took over my brain. No doubt about it, my sister was the best goddamn cock sucker on Earth, but no matter how good she was I couldn't stop thinking about Mom.

Aimee and I virtually change places. I kneel before her as I catch my breath and she spread her legs wide open after sitting on the sink. A little scrap of soaked black lace separates her pink gash from my gaze, and I start sucking on it, tasting my sister's pussy through the thin material. I stealthily and quickly find the scissors in the drawer between my sister's legs and before she registers the sounds of the drawer opening and closing, I have the scissors slid under her thong in the middle of her honey-blonde bush and I bring the blades together.

The snip sound snaps her out of her low throaty moan, but the sudden rush of air hitting her sodden snatch followed immediately by my tongue on her bare clit made her moan loud.

"Jesus, shut up! This is why we can't fuck," I mutter as I keep licking and sucking my sister's swampy sex. Her extremely light taste had the barest hint of tropical fruit and I slathered up ever drop of her I could manage. Another snip of the scissors and the material over her right hip loosens, and a swift pull has the ruined scrap of lace floating to the floor. Aimee grabs a fist full of my hair and presses me hard to her snatch as she comes, practically gushing juice from her spasming pussy. My tongue tries to force its way into her tight hot box really drove her over the edge and her whole body starts to shake and convulse. I look up and see her biting down on a towel, trying like hell to not scream. Her hand in my hair loosens and I stand just as we heard mom shout from the front door.

"Are you kids coming?"

"OH fuck yes!" Aimee says a little too loudly.

"What was that young lady?"

"Yes mom!" Aimee says and tries to stifle a giggle. She looks at the panties on the floor and then back at me with a playfully scornful look. The scissors are suddently in her hand and as I pull my pants back up and she snips both sides of the boxers fast as a flash and rips my underwear off me. "If I'm going without panties, you're sure as fuck not wearing boxers, brother," she says tauntingly.

"Come kids, let's GO!" mom shouts. We pile down the stairs, Aimee being sure to flash me plenty of ass cheek until mom is in view. We file out the door past her and Mom throws me a funny look that turns into a devilish grin and then it hits me! I never wiped my sister's pussy juice off! I must look like a glazed donut!




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