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18-Year Old Bitch | dkburrows | 4


"Here we are!" Jessica's benefactor announced. "Vegas!"

"It... doesn't look like in the pictures," she said, looking around at the decayed buildings. It looked more like a slum with some kind of movie theatre just outside the car. The road was so poor it slanted the car toward the curb, obstructing Jessica's view of what movie was playing.

"You think they all look like pyramids? Or the Eiffel Tower? That's been done to death. The latest trend isn't glamour, it's adventure! This one's a trend-setter. They've gone for the seedy, grungy look. You know, excitement! Danger! Tourists eat it up."

"Are you sure? It looks like that guy over there's dead," she said nervously.

"Nah," he said, a little nervously, bending his neck to see the man. He's an actor. See, they hire people to play roles. You know, like mystery theatre."

"You mean where you don't know what you're going to be served?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah, that too. Anyway, point is they're hiring. See?" he pointed to a want sign. It looked so old it might have been illegible other than the 'wanted' part. Someone had used spray paint to write over it.

"Here wanted? Where wanted? Wore wanted?" she said, painstakingly mouthing the words.

"Graffitti's part of the authentic atmosphere," he said with a wink. "Really, I'm doing you a favor by dropping you here.. This here establishment is set to become the hottest new club in Vegas. I thought you'd fit in great. I mean, you're not too shy, are you?"

"No, but what would I be doing?" she asked, dubiously.

"Go in, find out. A lot of girls start out in real dumps. I'm giving you the opportunity to jump straight to the upper tier of performers. You should be grateful," he said sourly, glaring at her.

Jessica cringed a little, feeling bad about doubting him. "I'm sorry. Really. Thanks for the advice. I'll go in there and do my best."

"Attagirl," the guy said, and scarcely waited for her to close the car door before taking her off.


Should she go into the building or does she have other plans?

          The bitch spots a rundown casino


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