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18-Year Old Bitch | dkburrows | 3


"I think I need more lube than spit," he blurted, desperately, but a cunning plan in his mind. Well, maybe not cunning...

"Oh," she said, sounding disappointed as she stopped sucking him. "I guess you need some cunt juice, huh?"

"You, ah, call it cunt?' he asked, distracting himself. If he didn't he'd probably blow. Her fingers were still squeezing him so good!

"Oh sure! I once called it a... vagina," she whispered, looking guilty, and looked around quickly before resuming normal volume. "My mom had a fit. Said a proper lady doesn't refer to herself that way. One of my boyfriends at the time told it's because the proper term is cunt, or even pussy if I want to be rude. He said the v-word was a swear word or something to my mom's generation."

"And cunt...?" he stopped himself before suggesting that it might be a swear-word too.

"Oh, Jace had taken the sex-ed course. I missed it. I was in the backroom getting fucked by Rodney. Then Chad, and I think it might've been Derek after him. They kept wanting to show me what they learned, and I never got to hear any of it! Good thing Jace filled me in on what I missed."

"Ah," was all he could say in response. Clearly the boys had filled her with misinformation. The thought of it, or of adding to it turned him on more than he could afford right now. "Hey, I'd better get in your pussy. I mean, cunt."

"Oh! Right, sorry. Go right ahead," she said, turning away from him to present him with her backside. "Is doggystyle okay?"

"Oh yeah," he moaned, and practically slammed into her, sinking in to the hilt in what he was sure was an extremely well-used cunt.

She definitely wasn't the tightest fuck he'd ever had, and she sure wasn't the most active, but that was partly his fault. After all, five seconds wasn't really enough time for her to do anything before he came in her.


Does she realize he came in her?

          She feels it but he makes up a 'clever' lie

          Of course she notices, and she's so 'upset' he pays her and takes her all the way to Vegas

          Yes, and she's pissed enough to reveal what a bitch she really is


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